How to Dominate your Market



Imagine, for a moment, being the Featured Dealer of your Local Network which has thousands of Members and Businesses, and helps the Local Community, Local Economy, and It's members to have a new buying power and sends out 75k Invitations a month to it's members and special list, Conquest list, Database, 

and all your employees's personal contacts & Social Media contacts. 

The program which is partnered with SDA & TECOBI funnels all potential clients to your store and it's all tracked and recorded. 

It's the best ROI and Risk Free Investment ever created for a dealer and and you only pay 1/2 upfront & it's guaranteed to sell 30 Vehicles in 5-30 days. 

Guaranteed to sell 40 Extra Cars



The RainMaker Virtual Assistant & 30 Day Customer Acquisition Eventpowered by Members Only Credit Network & It's Automotive Division, Spotlight Dealers of America & TECOBI have come together to introduce...

The Ultimate Engagement, Networking, lead generation digital platform for sales people and sales organizations.

It’s Market Place Domination for Retention & Market Share, Massive Increase in monthly sales, and Sales People become Master Quota Makers thru the multi-Channel digital marketing methods provided from the RainMaker Virtual Assistant and TECOBI.

The Sales Departments will be on an unlevel playing field angled substantially in their favor and will create a buzz and ongoing relationship with their network of potential clients.

From Cruise Ship to Battle Ship



With The RainMaker Virtual Assistant,you turn your dealership from a Cruise Ship into a Battle Ship!

You're Salespeople and Managers should be in attack mode at all times and making 100s of personal contacts a day, planting seeds, promoting,and making waves so they don't drown or not hit the goals.

Turn your staff into Quota Makers and Deal Makers, Not Deal Breakers.

Momentum is easier to steer than it is to start, and with The Rain Maker Virtual Assistant, along with our 30 Day Acquisition Platform,
(75k Invitations per month to our Members, Special List, Data-base,& Everyone's personal contacts & Social Media Contacts) 
your salespeople will always be busy
& will never get stuck in a rut, which you know can turn into a grave!

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