Member's Profit Sharing Account

Annual Payouts

Members Only Credit Network will provide $6000 per year in advertising and marketing for each member to acquire new members.  

Each member will be given a marketing platform and all creative, artwork, and deployment will be done by Corporate, such as variable email, ring less voicemail, text, social media and more. Each advertisement or Ad content will be custom and specific for each member.  

Annual payouts for VIP & Gold Members...
10% per new client Referral assigned to your team

$22,680 per year to member for 10 new VIP members per month *Minus $39 processing fees each payout, 4 payouts per year allowed, 3 draws & final withdrawal

20 new VIP members per month =
$45360 payout per year *Minus $39 processing fees each payout, 4 payouts per year allowed, 3 draws & final withdrawal 

NOTE: Available 3 Approved Draws on Investment Account per year, before scheduled Annual Member payout     

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Member Acquisition

  IMPORTANT: This is Virtually a No Cost Program for the new member…

· Each member can earn up to $100k per year or more from their group profit sharing account. 

· Each member can refi current car or upgrade for lower payment and better interest rate or if qualifies at time of initial signing and deep discounted finance and insurance products with Credit Line. 

· Each member saves money and can be Pre-approved for Home, Auto, Credit Cards, or Recreational, and Membership investment payouts are annually with up to 3 draws on account before annual payout.  

· Leverage system to gain more wealth and buying power       

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Natural Market: Family/Friends/Co-workers/Social Media Connections/Clients