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Only $1 Rides with your local member drivers. 

 We give $7500 of Benefits & Ease of Travel & Savings to each member. 

We connect you to your local businesses of the network and help the community, 

help provide income for our market place and help give back to strengthen your area. 


  • Only $1 a ride during 7 Day trial, then goes to only $19 mo 
  • $0 Pick Up/Ride Share cost and $0 Grocery Delivery Charge after 7 day trial
  • Credit network membership for zero cost on all future rides or grocery delivery, of course...only recommended tip for your driver
  • Member gets $750 family vacation each year
  • $200 Travel Gift Card, one per year
  • $100 Restaurant Voucher, one per year
  • Access and member discounts to all direct or mass affiliates financial resource centers (Including local businesses of the network such as Mortgage Lenders, Realtors, Automotive Dealers, Legal Representation, Accounting, Tax preparation services, and more
  • Member access and discounted pricing to local or national VIP events/Live Shows/Concerts/Benefits/Fashion Shows/Stand Up Comedy/Community Functions or Charitable or local Initiatives
  • Network discounts, negotiating, & Pre-approval process before you purchase or make final decision
  • Discounted Rapid FICO Rescore Credit Boost, and one free credit simulator and consultation per year. 
  • All new passengers get the opportunity to become a New Member, through the Welcome Member Simulation Video during $1 ride 
  • All First Time passengers get a Free $100 Travel Gift Card by downloading the Members Only Drivers App to schedule rides. 
  • All passengers get to drive for $0 Charge for lifetime of membership



 Earn up to $120k or more per year being a Member Driver in your Community! 

  • Anyone who becomes a platinum paid member for $89 mo, gets ALL the Gold Member Benefits including $15k Gold Line, Paid $1500 Family Vacation, Gift Cards, Credit Services, Resource Centers, Discounts, and so on. 
  • DOUBLE THE PAY: 10% Member Acquisition excluding 1st and 12th payments of each year, 
  • plus career opportunities within the network as a director, member adviser, member recruiter, automotive adviser,  entertainer, event planner, 
  • and must be a Platinum Paid Member to qualify as a Member Driver, vehicle and personal profile requirements must be met as well. Member Drivers retain 100% of all Tips and earn 10% revenue sharing on all passenger's memberships, 1st and 12th payments are excluded each 12 mos period 
  • same as Member Acquisition Revenue sharing model that deposits into their Revenue Sharing Savings Account. 



  • Platinum Paid Members get full access to all benefits
  • $1500 Paid Family Vacation
  • $300 Travel Gift Card
  • and $100 Restaurant Voucher each year
  • Revenue Sharing Saving Account
  • Free Legal & Credit Consultation
  • and member Acquisition payouts of 5% membership sharing commissions excluding 1st and 12th payments of 12 mos of membership
  • member login, personal acquisition funnels, dedicated adviser, all financial resource centers
  • and Premier Access to VIP events/Live Shows/Concerts/Benefits/Fashion Shows/Stand Up Comedy/Community Functions or Charitable or local Initiatives. 

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